Meet The Team!

Our team is a small close one, that not only works closely together, but also supports our customers. We regularly host demonstration days and attend at many events nationally to proudly display our range of fishing tackle. But, we still believe in supporting our customers with hands on advice, the opportunity to try the tackle before you buy, and after sales support. If you have any questions regarding any of our products, please feel free to contact the team on the links shown, we are here to help

LTS Flyfishing UK Team

Mark Paterson - UK Director, Owner

Mark is our Director and owner of LTS Flyfishing UK. He grew up on the banks of Loch Lomond and came from a family of avid salmon fishers. Mark joined his father and grandfather regularly on trips to the river Tay from a very young age and was in awe watching his family catch huge fish in the good old days. He has vivid memories of some of those catches that drew him into studying aquaculture and fisheries management over the coming years.
Mark has worked professionally in the industry for many years and was part of the original team with LTS when the brand was formed.
Mark is delighted to be in the position he is today, always trying to help and encourage others to enjoy their experiences, and encourages and helps many youths that he sees carry the same passion as he has. For the last 12 years he has fished many locations around the world, frequenting Scandinavia and has fished many rivers throughout Norway and has targeted a number of species in destinations as far as Australia. He has a wealth of experience and living close to the river Dee, his most passionate target is our prestigious salmon. Mark has been fortunate enough to catch some of our world famous large sea trout and salmon from destinations many of us can only dream of fishing


Ali Hutchens

Ali Hutchens is from Scotland and lives near the River Tweed in the Scottish borders. He has been fishing for over 40 years and has fished on many of Scotlands rivers including guiding on the River Tweed, Tay, Spey. In recent years he has fished on some great rivers in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Alongside his team mate at LTS - Jim Wennmark, he has made films fishing in Norway and recently at a secret location in the arctic circle. Ali is an accomplished fly tyer and is also part of the Partridge of Redditch Pro Team and has featured in the Trout and Salmon and Total Flyfisher magazines.
His passion is "short head" and Skagit style of double handed salmon fishing. He teams these styles up alongside his Intruder styles of flies here in the UK with some surprising results.


Jim wennmark

Jim is not the type of guy who spends a lot of time wondering over over things like; What’s the meaning of life? He already knows! It’s to fish fish a flyrod of any kind! Jim is the "Scandi-dude" in the team. Born and raised on the shores of the big, wild and unforgiving Scandinavian rivers. Jim has earned a ton of knowledge and experience when it comes to hunting for salmon and seatrout in tough conditions.

But, he’s probably most known for his fly tying. In 2014 Jim and one of his Finnish friends started Scandinavian United Fly Tyers, ScUFt, as a project to promote the Scandinavian way of fly fishing and fly tying for salmon and seatrout.

Other projects that Jim is involved in is Two Nations Flyfishing together with our own Ali Hutchens. They have embarked on some epic journeys all around Scandinavia while filming thier expeditions. They have already made one awardwinning film and the next one is under progress as we speak.
He also runs and manages a Swedish podcast about flyfishing called Flugfiskepodden
Jim has also been writing some flyfishing and flytying articles in Scandinavian magazines during the past two years.

Gary Scott - Pro Team,

Gary Scott lives in Scotland and is an AAPGAI and SGIAC casting instructor. He was also part of the winning Scottish World Spey Casting team.
Gary has fished for over 40 years and is very well known in the fishing industry. He has fished and guided all over the world including Norway, Russia, and of course Scotland. He also crewed a big game fishing boat in the Algarve for 4 years. He was taught by his good friend and World Fly Casting champion, Peter Anderson and has fished with him for over 25 years.
Gary brings a great deal of experience to the team and has helped with the development of rods and lines within the industry for over 10 years.
Look out for Gary during his many demonstrations and courses throughout the year both here in the Uk and throughout Europe. He is a regular and popular character at many fishing shows.

Stephen Dryden

Stephen has fished all his life, starting in the little burns for brown trout. His greatest passion is fly fishing in saltwater for seatrout and bass, he has done this all around the uk and also in Norway, Denmark, Iceland to name just a few destinations.

Stephen has made a few films and been in various magazines because of his expertise in this style of fishing. Stephen is also a very keen salmon fisher and punches out a super line with the double hander. Wild brown trout fishing is another passion and he loves nothing more than fishing in the remote wild locations of Scotland and has regular organised trips to Orkney. Stephen has his own guiding company www.costal-loops.com So if you fancy a bend in your rod with sea trout in the salt or a wild rural location for the trout contact Stephen at the email below


Jonas Andersson

Jonas Andersson is from the town of Värmdö, Sweden (the islands of the Scandinavian Vikings) in the archipelago of Stockholm. He has been tying classic salmon flies steady for the last 4 years but started over 10 years ago tying many other styles of flies. He made the fatal mistake of going Saltwater Fishing and has been "hooked" ever since. His main passion is the "classics" but he ties all styles of salmon flies for chasing the elusive king of fish – Salmon.

Jonas states that – "Fly fishing and fly tying entered my veins like a poison at an early age, but for me it′s more about a life style tying the flies in anticipation of what the season will bring, and going out doors to enjoy the nature with friends when I go fishing all over the world".

Jonas brings many skills and talents to the team, which includes the diversity of the styles of fishing he does all over the world. As a valued Pro Team member, he will also bring support to the behind the scenes infrastructure of the growth of LTS Flyfishing UK who are lucky enough to have some of the most committed team members there are in the industry.

We welcome Jonas to the team and look forward to catching up with many of you on a river bank soon.

Glenda Powell

Glenda Powell is regarded as one of the world's leading fly casting instructors and has been teaching fly casting and fishing for 23 years.
Glenda began fishing at the age of nine on her local River Inler in Comber, Northern Ireland. She left home at 18 years old and moved to Scotland telling her parents that she was going to fish and teach fishing for the rest of her life. Glenda first qualified as a fly casting instructor in Scotland when she was only 19. She fished in the Scottish Ladies International Flyfishing team, and went on to manage the Irish Ladies Team.
Glenda became a World Champion in 2006 when she won the Overhead Salmon Distance Casting Competition for women at Carton House.

An avid fisher, Glenda is a natural teacher with a gentle approach to helping people through some of the more difficult steps on the way to becoming a proficient caster. She is one of the highest qualified female salmon fly casting instructors in the world having achieved the APGAI - Ireland both Double (Salmon) and Single handed certifications to the highest levels.

She is currently Chairperson of this association and is one of the lead examiners for new instructors.

Glenda runs her guiding business alongside her fishing business, Blackwater Salmon Fishery which is in control of 5 miles of prime salmon fishing on the River Blackwater in Co Cork.


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Paul Slaney

Paul Slaney is from Pembrokeshire where he grew up as boy and learned to fish with his father and uncle. He currently lives in Abergavenny, Wales on the banks of the River Usk. He is undoubtedly one of the best fly tyers around and is no slouch in the fishing department either! He has amassed vast experience fishing around the world for various species including Tigerfish, Bonefish, Tarpon, Steelhead, Trout, Redfish, Bass, Grayling, Atlantic Salmon, and of course his native Welsh Sewin (sea trout).

He has been tying flies for many years and has appeared and starred at many shows around the globe. He has recently been invited to tie at the Atlantic Salmon Fly International in Miramichi, where he will be tying his great salmon flies influenced by the Canadian style of tying. Paul is an outgoing team member and regularly shares his fly tying skills online via Skype around the world and also displays and teaches at a fortnightly fly-tying class. He has become obsessed with Salmon flies and there is rarely a day goes by when he is not behind the fly tying vice. His experience within the team with fly tying and fishing is a welcome and he is definitely a valuable addition to an already really strong team.


Martin Robson

Originating from a small town called Alston, on the border of Cumbria and Northumbria, Martin was fortunate enough to grow up fishing the banks of the South Tyne from the age of 7. What started out as a past time with his cousin, developed into a passion, which Martin was determined to pursue as a career option. This led him to the Outer Hebrides, where he worked as part of a team of ghillies on a couple of estates, including the famous Grimersta system. From here he was able to develop his skills in guiding anglers in their pursuit of salmon, after which he tied down a Head Ghillie position on the Little Blackhall and Inchmarlo beats of the River Dee, where he has been for the past 3 seasons. Martin is enthusiastic and has a determined, positive attitude believing there is always a chance of a fish if we adapt to the conditions we are presented with.

Geordie Doull

Geordie Doull hails from the far northeast of Scotland in the county of Caithness.

Having fly fished for 30 years he has a wealth of experience in fishing many well known highland rivers and lochs.

Geordie has worked on the banks of The Thurso as a Ghillie since 2008 and became head Ghillie in 2016. The Thurso is one of the most pristine and healthy slamon rivers in the UK and Europe with regular numbers and large fish caught for such a small intimate river.

When he is not on the banks of the Thurso he can often be found on many of the famous caithness lochs in search of wild brown trout. Geordie is also a keen fisher further afield and builds on his salmon fishing experience by fishing other famous Scottish Salmon rivers such as the Tay, Spey, Alness and Dee to mention a few. He is also a very accomplished fly tier and his flies have accounted for large numbers of fish on the River Thurso. Geordie is a welcome member to the team and brings with him a fresh outlook in respect of small river salmon fishing techniques.